Hangar 18 Productions, LLC Specializes in MANY DifferentEntrepreneurialProduction&Advertising Services.

                             Whether You are a Business Owner Looking to Expand and Promote your Brand and Market, a Musician                                  that Just Finished Recording Your Album, or ANYONE In-Between, We are Here to Provide You With The                                 BEST Service, Quality and Support for ANY and ALL of Your Online Promotional, Production and Design                                    Needs! Don't See What You're Looking For? Since We Specialize in SO Much, Naming ALL That we                          Provide Would Simply be TOO Much Information. We FEED Off of Creativity, and TRULY LOVE the Work We Do.                               Let Us Know EXACTLY What You're Looking For!

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(Drone Optional)

Personalized Promotional Videos Designed Specifically to Promote YOUR Brand or Product, with Optional Drone Footage & Photography!

Online Promotion is KEY to Building Success in the Modern World. Bring LIFE to your Products,

and Captivate Viewers with Elegant Sound & Visual Creativity.

Our Personalized HD Promotional Presentations are Mesmerizingly Effective, and are SURE to Impress Both You and Your Customers.


Capture Attention with our Sleek Logo & Advertisement Designs, and watch your Views Soar!

Let's face it.. Your Brand needs a Logo. Make a Statement with a Crisp New Look!

Ask about our Logo Intro Videos and Advertisements for Online Promotional Campaigns!


Set Sail With Your Business, WORLD-WIDE, with our Impressive Website Design.

Draw Customers in to your Online Store, and Create a Bigger Market, New

Customers, and Sales Increase!

Our Websites are Designed Specifically to Fit You, Your Business and Your Customers' Needs. They Create Easy Access to Products and Information for Customers, and are Easily Updatable. Our Quality, Professional Website Designs are GUARANTEED to  Capture Attention and Keep Customers Focused and Inspired, for a Pleasurable Online Shopping Experience. 

Interested in bringing Your Business to the Next Level? Let's Talk!

"A well versitile productions company that includes the benifit of promotion!!

I give this company 5 stars for the product it produces and genuine love and care the producer/owner shows and gives to any of its clients."

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